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Can precum make a girl pregnant?

“Precum” is the clear fluid that typically leaks out of the penis before a male ejaculates. The medical word for this fluid is called “pre-ejaculate.” Pre-ejaculate fluid often contains sperm and … read more

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What can I do to deal with groin itch?

The treatment for itchiness in the groin area depends on what’s causing it. Various things can cause itchiness such as: skin irritation, an allergic reaction, lice (crabs), genital herpes, and … read more

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I’ve researched about my penis and I’ve found out that I have PPP (pearly penile papules). Should I go see a doctor about this? And what type of doctor? I’m nervous telling my parents that we need to see one and I’m nervous about actually seeing the doctor, what should I do?

It’s normal to feel worried if you notice small bumps on your penis. It is possible that you have a condition called pearly penile papules (PPP), which is normal and … read more

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