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I’ve never had sex or done anything sexual in my life. I woke up with a small blue and red sore on my penis near the shaft. I didn’t think much of it until I got a second one a few weeks later. It then went away for about a month and then I got a third bump. My doctor said it was an “ingrown hair”, and said it’s not contagious. I’m scared it can be an STD and it could be contagious.

Good job for making an appointment with your doctor. Anytime you have unexplained symptoms or questions, your doctor is there to help you. Ingrown hairs can be uncomfortable but they … read more

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Why is my stomach so noisy?

The noise from your stomach is actually caused from the movement of food, air and fluids (that help digest your food). Some people believe that the noise is caused from … read more

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I am male and I started puberty 2 years ago, and lately I noticed that my voice can’t reach the middle-high notes when singing or humming. Instead, there is a period of silence and random pitched sounds coming from my vocal cords. Is this normal? If so, when will I be able to get back to those notes again?

During puberty the “voice box” (medical term= larynx) gets bigger and the “voice cords” become longer. This is normal and happens to both girls and guys but the temporary voice … read more

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