I’ll still be able to go to the doctor’s office for my annual physical this summer, right? I know that we should be wearing masks and avoiding in-person interaction because of the pandemic, but that makes going to the doctor more important, right?

Thanks for your question. Annual physicals (or routine check-ups) with your health care provider are still important. These visits are helpful to make sure you are healthy and to get any needed vaccines. If you have any chronic medical problems, these visits can also be helpful to make sure your treatment plan (such as medicines) is still okay, and your health care provider can make any changes as needed.
Clinics are taking lots of step to protect patients and make sure to keep you healthy. To make sure you are prepared, we recommend you call your health care provider before your appointment.

Here’s a tip on how to bring it up: “Could I please schedule an appointment for my annual physical? Is there anything I need to do before my visit?”​