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Teen Talk is our quarterly newsletter written by the Center for Young Women’s Health youth advisors. The articles include topics such as “Finding Time for Fitness”, “Tips on How to Talk with Your Parents”, and “Dealing with a Breakup”. This publication is made possible by a generous grant from the Boston Children’s Hospital League.

Current Issue: Fall 2019

Check out the articles on our TeenSpeak blog: Fighting Sickness Season, Getting Involved in School, Making the Most of Your Summer

Summer 2019

Check out the articles on our TeenSpeak blog: Making the Most of Your Summer, How to Swap out the Not-So-Healthy Summer Treats, Enjoying the Beach and Pool This Summer also Means Staying Safe!

Winter 2018

Check out the articles on our TeenSpeak blog: How to Avoid the Dreaded Conversation, The Value of Reducing Screen Time, Finding a Balance: Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Summer 2018

Check out the articles on our TeenSpeak blog: Getting Ready to Vote, Could it be a Concussion?, Take a Step Towards Meal Prep

Summer 2017

On TeenSpeak: The “Glocal” Challenge, 100 Deadliest Days, Saving Our Planet One Bottle at a Time

Winter 2017

Check out the articles on our TeenSpeak blog: Could it be SAD?, Better Safe Than Sorry, Spread Kindness Not Germs

Spring 2016
On TeenSpeak: Simple Steps to Save Up, Sun Safety, Ana’s Faves, Katlyn’s Korner

Summer 2015
On TeenSpeakHandling Conflicts Effectively, How do I help a friend who is self-harming?, Owning Your Mistakes

Winter 2015
On TeenSpeak: Finding Time for Fitness, Being an Ally, Understanding Gender

Holiday 2014
On TeenSpeak: Mindful Eating During the Holidays, Training Doctors to Communicate with Teens, Flu Shot Facts

Summer 2014
On TeenSpeak: The Role of A Bystander, Tips On How To Talk To Your Parents

Spring 2014
On TeenSpeak: Preventing Identity Theft, Staying Active This Summer, The Summer Before College

Winter 2014
On TeenSpeak: Go to Sleep!, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Winter Skin Care

Fall 2013
On TeenSpeak: Extracurricular Activities: How much is too much?, What’s Alcohol Got to Do with It?, “I’m Gay” – Part 2

Summer 2013
On TeenSpeak: “I’m Gay”, Making the Rest of your Summer Count, How to Avoid the Side Effects of Summer

Spring 2013
On TeenSpeak: Building A Support System, 8 Easy Steps to Improve Your Body Image, Ten Tips Towards Teamwork

Winter 2013
On TeenSpeak: Dealing with Stress, Dating Violence

Fall 2012
On TeenSpeak: Becoming Fit, Abusive Relationships

Summer 2012
On TeenSpeak: How to Deal with a Breakup, Unlocking the Secret Code to Success

Spring 2012
On TeenSpeak: Obesity and Teens, Think Before You Drink, Could You Be Depressed?

Winter 2012
On TeenSpeak: Realistic Resolutions, Quiz Your Brain: Colds and Flu, Making the Holiday Season Memorable

Fall 2011
Inside: Facebook Privacy, Concussions, Settling Into College

Spring 2011
Inside: Preventing Destructive Decisions, Emergency Contraception: Myths vs. Truths, Gearing Up for College, Teens & Sleep

Winter 2011
Inside: Peer Pressure, Winter Health Tips, Social Networking Advice, 2011 Endometriosis Conference

Fall 2010
Inside: Healthy Relationships, Surviving College, Emily’s Health Tips, Backpack Safety, Meet Kayla & Connor

Summer 2010
Inside: Cyberbullying, Erica’s Corner, Emily’s Health Tips, Get Ready: A Healthy College Beginning

Spring 2010
Inside: Addicted to Facebook, Emily’s Health Tips, Erica’s Corner, Introducing Johnny

Winter 2010
Inside: Texting & Driving, Emily’s Health Tips, Erica’s Corner, Ask Ty

Fall 2009
Inside: Dealing with a Learning Disability Part 2, Emily’s Health Tips, Erica’s Corner, Ask Ty, CYWH FUN-Raiser

Summer 2009
Inside: Dealing with a Learning Disability, Tynaya’s Health Tips, Ask Nisi, Erica’s Corner, A Quick & Easy Recipe

Spring 2009
Inside: All About BMI, Tynaya’s Health Tips, Erica’s Corner, Hieu’s How-To, Ask Nisi

Winter 2009
Inside: Celebrating our 10th!, Go Green with Erica, Tynaya’s Health Tips, Conversations with Former CYWH Youth Advisors, Meet Our New Peers!, Ask Nisi

Spring-Summer 2008
Inside: Youth Advisors in the Community, Ask Nisi, Cyberbullying, Go Green with Paoli, Sun Safety Tips, Outside Fun

Winter 2008
Inside: Winter Fitness, Diagnosing Depression, Ask Nisi, Go Green with Paoli

Fall 2007
Inside: Stress Busters, Art Up! Act Up!, Train the Trainer 2, College Planning

Spring-Summer 2007
Inside: Catching Some Zzzzs, Reflections on La Mina, Rahiem’s Reality Check, Train the Trainers

Winter 2007
Inside: Peer Leaders United!, Make a Difference, Meet the New Peers, Finders Keepers

Fall 2006
Inside: Girls Unite ’06, iPod Safety, How to be Enviro-Smart, School Survival Tips

Summer 2006
Inside: Stop the Violence, Louis’ Legacy, Violence Prevention, Leadership for Guys, Boston Summer Fun

Spring 2006
Inside: Spring: Reaching Beyond Disability, Winter in the Tropics, PMP Reunion 2005, 10 Ways to Empower Yourself

Winter 2006
Inside: Memorable Holidays, Crafty Snow Globe, Keeping Resolutions

Fall 2005
Inside: Safety in Relationships, Meet our New Peers, Winter Fun Fitness, Vegetarian Chili

Summer 2005
Inside: Safe Driving, Driving Tips and Tales, Summertime Recipe

Spring 2005
Inside: Facial Differences, 10 Ways to Love Your Body, Strawberry Smoothie

Winter 2005
Inside: Peer Mentoring, 10 Ways to Lower Stress, Backpacks and Back Pain