Is it bad to play multiplayer video games with my friends?

CMCH Ask the Mediatrician

It’s great that you’re paying attention to how playing different games make you feel. Video games are a lot of fun because they engage you in a unique world, challenge you to figure out and solve problems, and reward you for overcoming difficult challenges-but there are downsides as well. Research studies have found that people who play FPS games are more likely to be disrespectful to others, use more confrontational or violent approaches to solving conflicts, and focus on winning above all. Additionally, they don’t do as well in school and are less likely to help others than those who do not play these games. But don’t reject your friends on the basis of the games they play. You likely became friends because you share a lot more than just video games. Friends are important, not only for companionship and fun, but for learning how to live with and enjoy people with whom you don’t always agree. Try doing something with them other than video gaming that you all enjoy. Perhaps in time you will be able to talk about the positive and negative effects of video games, but for now just be friends.