My parents are divorced and I hadn’t talked to my dad for several years. He just died. I don’t really know how to feel, and I don’t feel anything in particular. Is this normal?

Thank you for your question. It is perfectly normal to feel the way you do, particularly if you did not have close relationship with your dad. However, you may experience different emotions such as anger, sadness, and you may even feel a sense of relief as time goes on, which is perfectly normal too. Give yourself permission to feel whatever you feel. It might be comforting to talk to other family members such as a sibling(s) who may share similar feelings, your mom, or other trusted adults. Some people also find it helpful to talk with a counselor to help process their thoughts and feelings. Just a heads up, it’s typical for friends and others to offer their condolences or sympathy at this time. Under the circumstances, this may feel awkward. You don’t have to explain anything; you can simply say “thank you” and chat with friends who may understand the circumstances better, and not judge your response to your dad’s death.