I masturbate and I don’t want my parents to notice. Should I ejaculate in my underwear, a sock or use a towel? I know it’s considered OK but I still don’t want them to know. Please help.

 Thanks for your question! It’s great that you realize that it’s normal to masturbate. It may be difficult to imagine but your parents probably assume that you masturbate because they were your age once and they likely had similar sexual feelings. However, they don’t need to know the details of how and when you masturbate. The best way to keep your private behavior off their radar is to keep it “private.” Ideally, having a lock on your bedroom door is a secure way to prevent unwanted visitors. However, if you don’t have a lock on your door or you share a room with a sibling, it might not be as easy to have “private” time.  Some guys masturbate in the bathroom or other private places. It doesn’t really matter if you use underwear, a sock or a towel to clean up with, but it might be easier to conceal in a sock because you wash those after one use anyway. One way to deal with the “evidence” is to learn how to do your own laundry. Your parents will likely appreciate the help too