I’m 13 and ALL of my friends have hit puberty except me and it’s really embarrassing! When will I?!

Ready to study. Handsome teenager carrying backpack on one shoulder and smiling isolated on white backgroundPuberty is the transition from being a teenage to becoming an adult. Everyone goes through it but it starts at different times for everyone. It can start at 10 for some guys and not until 14 or 15 for others. If you look around your school, you will likely notice other guys like you who have not started puberty yet.

The first sign that puberty has started is you’ll notice that your testicles (balls) have enlarged or gotten bigger. The process of developing hair around your penis, under your arms and on your face, chest, and legs can take up to 5 years and this is all normal. At the end of puberty you will likely notice that your voice has changed and you have become taller. If you are concerned about not starting puberty yet, you may want to talk to your primary care provider (PCP) or doctor.