After shaving my nether regions, I often get ingrown hairs. I have one that I popped many months ago. It seems to just keep scabbing over itself and is now a small mass of skin. I have been tested so I know it is not an STD. Any advice?

Thanks for your question. Whenever there is a mass of skin by your penis, it’s always a good idea to get checked for a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Since you’ve already done that, other things to consider include:

  • Skin Irritation. The skin and hair follicle in that area may be irritated and need time to recover. You may want to try taking a break from shaving. This will allow the skin to heal without any extra irritation from shaving.
  • Small, local skin infection. Sometimes a small area of skin or the hair follicle can have a small infection. You may consider applying a warm compress for a few minutes a couple times per day to the area. You can also consider trying an antibiotic ointment and applying it to the area a couple times a day. Redness, pain, or discharge by the area can be signs of a more serious skin infection. If you notice this, you should see your health care provider, as you made need a prescription for antibiotics.

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