Is it harmful to masturbate every day?

Thanks for asking this question. Masturbating every day has no harmful physical or emotional effects. This is true whether or not you ejaculate (cum.)  In fact, there are many positive benefits to masturbating including stress relief. You may be aware of some of the cultural and religious myths about masturbation; however, medical experts agree that masturbation is safe, helps a person feel comfortable with their body, and there is no risk of pregnancy or sharing sexually transmitted infections. It’s also important to know that masturbating doesn’t harm a person’s fertility (being able to have children in the future) because it doesn’t lower the number of sperm you have.

There is no set rule on how many times a day or week a person should masturbate. Every person is different. Some people masturbate daily or more than once a day, while others masturbate weekly, monthly or not at all. If your genitals become sore because of frequent masturbation, it’s a good idea to take a break. The only time masturbation is thought of as unhealthy is if it becomes more important than other daily activities such as school, work or spending time with friends and family. If this happens, talk to your health care provider. While masturbation is natural, normal and healthy, it should be done privately.​​