I masturbated with a makeshift fleshlight, but after I did, my penis started to hurt. It’s been three days now and whenever I touch the head of the penis, there’s a light ‘wave’ of pain even if it’s been decreasing ever since I got it. Why?

Thanks for your question and wanting to make sure your body is healthy. Masturbation, or rubbing your genitals, is a totally normal activity. Lots of people do it, and some don’t. People use different things to masturbate. Some people just use their hands, some may use lotion or a lubricant, and some use other objects. Some of objects can cause pain or irritation to your penis. You may not be totally sure before trying it. Some good tips are never use anything sharp, and if it hurts while you masturbate stop. If you feel pain during or after masturbation, we recommend you contact your healthcare provider and make sure everything is okay.

Also, it’s important that when you masturbate you do it in a private location, such as your bedroom.​