My family is always coming into my room without asking or even knocking and when I just lock the door they make it all about how they don’t want me to do that. I just want some privacy and to avoid a fight or argument. What can I do?

Thanks for your question. First, wanting privacy and your own space is completely normal. In fact, it is part of growing up, and tends to be a tricky balance for teens, young adults, and family members. It is especially relevant as we are spending so much more time at home due to the pandemic. Sometimes it can be helpful to talk about privacy ahead of time with your family (meaning not just after someone burst into your room). For instance, you can let your family know you like hanging out with them, and sometimes you just like to have your own space. You can work together to make ground rules like knocking before they come in or specific times you would like privacy. Parents or adult family members may want to set rules as to when it is okay to go into your room without knocking, like if they are worried about your safety.​