I have a partner, but it seems they are drifting away? Is there anything I can do?

Thank you so much for your question. Relationships can be so hard, even when we’re not in a global pandemic! The world right now is under a lot of stress, even if you’re not directly impacted by the pandemic, everyone is feeling stress from it.  For starters, it’s super important to remember a few things, self-love and self-respect. Sometimes when we develop relationships with our friends, family, or significant others we lose sight of this. It’s a good thing to remember that relationships whether they are romantic or not should always be healthy, that means they make you feel good about yourself! There are several ways to make a relationship healthy, but the four most important points are communication, share, respect and trust.

You should feel comfortable sitting down with your partner and sharing your concerns and feelings. For starters, this is a great indicator that you have the foundation to a healthy relationship. If this remains true, your partner should be open and honest about their feelings as well. Allow time for your partner to respond and share their feelings, if they have any. It’s important that you both show mutual respect of one another by listening respectfully when the other is speaking. By having a constructive and respectful conversation it’ll be easier to work on fixing an issue in the relationship, again if there are any. It’s also important to remember, that if your partner is drifting away, it may not be your fault. No relationship is perfect, everyone goes through the occasional argument or even an unfortunate break-up. As you grow, you goals and interests will change and that might have an impact on your relationships as well. However, it can be helpful to remember, “When one door closes, another will open.”