I’m 14 years and I have just started measuring my penis because I have been worried about its size. The first time I measured, it was 3 inches (not erect), and then when I was aroused it was 5 inches. Is that OK?

Thanks for your question. Lots of people wonder about their penis size and whether it’s normal. For most people their penis will start growing (both in length and width) between 11-14 years old and stop approximately 3-4 years later. The length of your penis is measured from the base of your penis (near your stomach) to the tip of your penis. Some studies show the average flaccid (i.e. not erect) penis length can be between 4 to 6.5 inches (approximately 10-16.5 cm). Other studies state the average erect penis is 5 to 6 inches (approximately 12.7-16.5 cm). There are many factors that can affect penile length including genetics (traits you receive from your biological parents) and whether your penis is erect or not.
Here’s a tip about how to bring it up with your health care provider: “I want to make sure my penis is normal.”