A month ago I got a penis irritation that was extremely painful to touch. After not touching it for a week or two and applying rash cream, it still hurts when you move/rub your finger across the head. Going to the doctor IS NOT an option, I need help!

Close up on a man covering his painful crotchIt can be hard to go to the doctor with a concern that might seem embarrassing but it can be very important and most doctors talk about these issues all the time. Many teens worry about the doctor telling their parents or someone else, so if you are concerned about this, tell your doctor you want the conversation to remain private. Unfortunately, I can’t answer the question without knowing more about the specific situation (what kind of cream is it, what does the irritation look like, are you sexually active, etc). It’s possible that the cream may be making things worse. If your penis still hurts, please get it checked out by a health care professional.