I don’t understand if I have been sober why do I always revert to my old habits no matter how long I do stay sober?

Thank you for your question. This must be frustrating, considering all of the progress you’ve made so far in getting sober. Let’s first acknowledge this feat and all of the hard work you’ve dedicated to making good choices for yourself! Moving forward, your experience of falling back into “old habits” after being sober for a while is experienced by many people recovering from addiction. You are not alone! Sometimes, in order to get to a place where sobriety can last longer, people need to figure out other things going on underneath the habits that keep leading them back down the same path – often times people need to sort out and address the factors that led to the substance use in order to have success staying sober. For better understanding and support, consider talking with a trusted friend, family member, clergy person, or healthcare professional. Continue asking questions, being introspective, and focus on making short-term achievable goals. Wishing you success and stability on your journey.​