Anytime I travel away from home, I always get constipated (can’t poop regularly). Why does this happen? 

You are not alone! A lot of people experience trouble with constipation, with or without travel. Even the slightest change in diet or exercise routine, can impact one’s ability to poop, add traveling to the mix and it’s bound to happen.

The signs and symptoms of constipation can be different depending on the person, but these are the most common signs: pooping less than three times per week, poop is hard and dry, it’s hard to push out (straining), and/or a bloated feeling even after pooping. When people travel, they often have to sit for longer periods of time in order to travel from point A to point B and they may be eating different foods than usual. This causes the gut to slow, leading to constipation. It’s also likely that when a person travels, their environment, diet, water intake, and exercise routines can be impacted, leading to constipation.
Here are a few great tips on ways to stay regular, even when traveling:
  • Don’t skip the H2O, stay on top of water intake.
  • Bring snacks that are high in fiber such as, almonds, whole-grain breads, raspberries, dried fruits, or add chia/flax seeds to a yogurt.
  • ​Talk your health care provider (HCP) about using stool softeners or fiber supplements for when you travel.​