Water Park Safety

Young women's version of this guide

man rides in the water park

You’re ready for a great day at the water park. Maybe you like the speed of the giant water slide, or perhaps you’d rather grab a tube and float down the lazy river. These activities are fun and exciting, but they can also be dangerous.

Here are a few tips to make your day at the water park both fun and safe:

At the park

  • Get a locker unless you’re with an adult who can keep an eye on your personal things, such as your wallet, jewelry, or watch. Think about leaving your valuables such as jewelry at home. Even though there may be a fee to rent a locker, you’ll feel better knowing that your valuables are safe.
  • Take a shower before and after you go on the water rides. Lots of people go to the water park, which means germs are naturally going to be around.
  • Wear water shoes. Water shoes are made of rubber and look like sneakers but they’re meant to be worn in the water. If it’s really hot, your feet won’t feel like they’re on fire while you’re walking around the park, plus you’re less likely to slip and fall.
  • Sunscreen is required gear when you’re at a water park whether it’s sunny or cloudy. Wear the waterproof kind (30 SPF), and remember to reapply it every 2 hours. Be careful not to get it near your eyes, and don’t forget sunglasses.
  • Take time out to eat and drink plenty of fluids, and use the restroom.
  • Get out of the water and into dry clothes if you are chilled or shivering.
  • Get out of the sun and drink fluids if you are feeling weak or dizzy. If you feel confused or feel like you have to throw up, ask for help right away.
  • Make a plan to check in with your parent(s), guardian, adult chaperone and/or friends at different times during the day. Decide on a meeting place just in case you get separated from your group.

On the water rides

  • Know your limits. The best way to be safe in and around water is to know your limits in the water. If you don’t know how to swim, stick to the rides or pools where the water doesn’t go over your head, or wear a life jacket.
  • Know where the lifeguards are located just in case you need help.
  • Obey the signs. Some of the rides have height restrictions or other rules such as “No Diving” because it’s dangerous.
  • Buddy up. Swim or go on the rides with a buddy – never alone.
  • Don’t be bullied into going on a ride that makes you shake at the very thought of getting in line. It’s okay to tell your friends that you’ll wait for them.
  • Feet First. Most parks require that you go down the slides feet first and face up, so your head and neck are protected.
Following these simple rules will keep you safe and lower the chances of an accident while you’re at the water park. Be safe and have fun!