I have an younger skinny brother who is 12 and I’m 13. He has a bigger flaccid penis than me and gets more girls than me. I’m bigger and wider than him in body size, should I be ashamed?

I haven’t had one girlfriend this year and I get depressed sometimes. He has had 4 girlfriends this year. I just need help, I’m not thinking anything suicidal or harming myself but I just need emotional help. I masturbate a lot, so I don’t know if that effects anything.

iStock_000025876167XSmallThe most important thing for you to know is that your attractiveness to girls has nothing to do with penis size. The most important things are your smile, your interest in them and your friendliness toward them. It is normal at your age to have concerns about your developing body. It is also a time when you are trying to develop social skills to be attractive to others. Your body will develop all by itself and may take a few more years to fully develop. To develop social skills, try being friendly, patient and being a good listener. Those qualities are very attractive socially. Don’t worry about masturbating. It does not affect anything unless you are spending more time masturbating than being with other people.