I am in anorexia recovery right now. I am scared that I am going to lose control and gain too much weight because of my metabolism and not eating anything. Will my metabolism speed up and burn enough calories as I recover?

Thank you for asking this question. When anyone restricts food intake for an extended period of time, the body’s metabolism responds by slowing down because the body needs to conserve energy for other, extremely vital organs (such as the brain and heart). In fact, metabolism slowing down is often a sign we need to eat more. As you start to eat more, your metabolism will naturally increase because your body will gain enough energy to carry out all its necessary processes.

While recovering from anorexia nervosa, your body may change and this is normal. It’s important to have health care providers who can support you during this process. If you need more support, you can contact a confidential Helpline at: nationaleatingdisorders.org/help-support/contact-helpline.