I can masturbate OK, but when I use lube or lotion on my head it gets very sensitive and extremely uncomfortable, and because of it I’m not able to ejaculate. How can I fix this?

Thanks for your question. Lots of people have questions about masturbation. Using a lubricant can make masturbation more comfortable and enjoyable. For starters there are 3 general types of lubricant – water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based. When masturbating all 3 are a reasonable option. You may have seen flavored or sensation enhancing lubricants. While you can try these, some have chemicals that may cause discomfort or pain. If that’s the case, we recommend going for non-flavored and non-sensation enhancing lubricants. You can look for chemical-free or organic lubricants. Also, if you are using a moisturizer make sure to use one that is fragrance free.

Other important tips about lubricant:

  • Only use water-based or silicone-based lubricant with a latex condom. Never use oil-based lubricants with a latex condom as it can make the condom less effective.
  • Water-based lubricants are the safest option for sex-toys.
Here’s a tip on how to bring it up to your healthcare provider: “When I masturbate with lube my penis hurts sometimes; is that okay?”