I am 14 years old and I don’t have a circumcised penis. Is this normal? Will it become circumcised by itself or is the only way surgery?

Thank you for your question! It is perfectly normal not to have a circumcised penis. All boys are born with foreskin that covers the tip of their penis. Circumcision doesn’t happen naturally. It is actually a procedure in which the foreskin (the skin covering the tip of the penis) is removed. In the United States it is usually done soon after a baby boy is born; however, it depends on cultural and religious beliefs and is far less common in other parts of the world.

While most circumcisions occur as the result of parental preference, there are some medical reasons that require circumcisions for treatment purposes. One example is ‘phimosis,’ which is a condition where the foreskin becomes too tight to be retracted behind the tip of the penis, which can cause problems with painful erections or hygiene issues. For individuals who develop a medical reason for a circumcision or would just prefer to become circumcised later in life, we recommend bringing up the question with your healthcare provider, who can then make a referral to a urologist, which is a surgeon who specializes in surgeries involving the genitals and urinary tract.

Read more about circumcision here: https://youngmenshealthsite.org/guides/circumcision/