When I’m stressed, I just want to go back to being little, when there wasn’t work to do and all I had to do was play. How can I get over feeling so nostalgic?

Life can get stressful for all of us at times.  As we get older, it seems like there is more to do and everything is more complicated.  The teen years are full of questions, worries and new experiences and it is natural that you would long for earlier, less complicated times.  Teens also sometimes worry about becoming a grown up with adult responsibilities. There are fun and safe ways to play as a teenager or at any age and you will find them.  In the meantime, nostalgia is not a bad thing – it is fun to remember the things you loved when you were younger. You may want to make a scrapbook or write some memories in a journal so you will always be able to look back and remember good times.