I am a boy but my behavior is a bit girlish. My friends always tease me over this. How can I start behaving manly?

Sad Teen in RedSome people believe that only girls/women have certain behaviors such as: being sensitive and expressing more love, fear and sadness than guys, talking a certain way and even walking a certain way. But this is like saying that only girls can dance, which is totally not the case at all. Instead of changing your behavior why not either talk to your friends and tell them to stop judging you or simply ignore what they have to say and be true to yourself.

Teasing can turn into bullying when the mean behavior or name calling becomes more frequent than an occasional joke. Verbal bullying can make you feel uncomfortable at school and take a toll on your self-esteem. If you feel that this is happening, talk to a trusted adult, a parent and/or teacher or guidance counselor.