I noticed that when I am in PE class or just when I walk home from school, I sweat a lot while my friends don’t seem to sweat. Why do I have rings under my armpits?

Rings around your armpits can be embarrassing for sure but there is an explanation and treatment. Sweating is common especially during puberty because this is the time when your sweat glands become more active. It is not only normal but also natural for everyone’s body to sweat when they are hot, after exercising and also when they are nervous or stressed such as before an important event. Your head, hands, feet and other parts of your body can also feel sweaty during these times too. Aside from it being annoying, sweating actually has a role in regulating your body temperature.  When you get hot, your body makes sweat to cool you down which is important to maintain the right body temperature.

Less than 3% of people have a condition called “hyperhidrosis”. People who have this condition have over-active sweat glands where they make more sweat than is actually needed to keep their body cool. They typically perspire (another word for sweating) through their clothing to the point where they need to change their clothes often. People who have this condition also tend to have rashes on their skin from sweating.

Most of the time, sweating can be controlled by showering or bathing every day, using an antiperspirant (deodorant), and wearing clothes made of natural fabric such as cotton. You might want to try a “clinical strength deodorant” (which you can buy without a prescription) in most pharmacies or general retail stores). This type of deodorant helps lessen both sweating and odor. If you are still bothered by excessive sweating despite these measures, make an appointment with your health care provider.​