I sweat a lot. Any tips to avoid sweating?

Most teens will notice that their sweat glands are working overtime. That’s because millions of sweat glands become super active during puberty. The most active sweat glands are located  under your arms, groin, palms (inside part of your hands) and the bottom of your feet. When sweat comes in contact with bacteria on the skin, it creates body odor. Sweating is actually important because it helps cool your body down.

The best way to deal with sweating is to be proactive. Take a bath or shower every day and also after playing an active sport or working out and then apply an antiperspirant deodorant. Wear clothes made of cotton or other natural fibers that breathe.

Most of the time sweating is normal and can be controlled. You shouldn’t sweat when you are doing quiet activities or resting. Rarely sweating can be a sign of a medical problem. If you’ve tried the suggestions above and you notice that you are still sweating a lot, make an appointment with your health care provider.