I was last to change in football locker room due to finishing workout. One of the coaches came in and took off his shorts in front of me and smiled. He didn’t force anything and I left. Should I say something? What if it was innocent? I can’t sleep.

I’m sorry to hear about this and agree with what you have shared; it’s hard to know what was going on. It sounds like you handled the situation as well as you could–getting yourself out of the area as quickly as possible. It is important to consider what to do next. You mentioned not being able to sleep so it seems to be bothering you, which is understandable, and makes me think you might want to deal with it.

You need to decide what to do next, but it is almost always best to get an adult close to you involved–could you tell a parent or someone else about what happened and they can help you think about what should happen next? There are different things to consider and having someone on your side who you can trust to support you will be helpful.