I’m only freshman to make varsity baseball. Was taken to the woods and had to funnel several beers. Was told to strip and made to blow the seniors as the team watched and cheered. I want to report but making varsity as freshman is huge. What do I do?

a young person sitting with head in hands, troubledWe’re glad you reached out to us. What happened to you is not okay, and most importantly, deciding what to do about it is not something you should have to sort out on your own. You are right in listening to your instinct that what happened is very wrong, and in fact, any unwanted sexual contact is considered sexual assault. Sexual assault can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, intellectual ability, or physical ability. We are so sorry this happened to you.

We understand how complicated this is for you given that it involves you participating on the varsity baseball team as a freshman. Making the varsity team is certainly a huge achievement. And, we wonder what your experience will be on this team if you don’t choose to prioritize your safety in this situation, both physical and mental.

Ultimately, you may not know how to feel or what to do – and that is okay. Some things we encourage you to consider:

  • Do not face this alone. Find a trusted adult – maybe a parent/caregiver, counselor, teacher, coach, clergy person, healthcare provider, or friend’s parent perhaps – and let them know what happened. They may help you sort out your next steps.
  • Call your healthcare provider. They can help talk things out with you, make sure you get support, and make sure you get any medical tests or treatment that you might need. When you contact your healthcare provider you can let them know you want to make an appointment as soon as possible, you do not have to tell them the details over the phone.
  • Call the National Sexual Assault hotline (1-800-656-4673).
  • Contact your local Child Protection Agency (for the United States: childwelfare.gov). They can help make sure you get support and are safe.
  • If you are in danger, hurt, or concerned for your safety call for emergency services (911 in the United States) or go to a local Emergency Department. For mental health concerns or support, you can call 988 to be directed to a local support service.

It is important to know this is not your fault, and you are not alone. If you have thoughts of hurting yourself or of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 988, talk to a trusted adult right away, or go to the nearest Emergency Department.

For more information check out our health guide: Sexual Assault and Rape