I’ve been working out a little more than usual, and my balls and the area between the ball sack and my butt are sore. What’s the reason for this?

Thanks for your question. Your genital area may be sore for lots of reasons, including:

  • Using different muscles and ligaments while working out. Stretching and using some over the counter pain medications may help. Also consider taking a break from working out, or cutting back on your workouts to help your body recover.
  • The testicles may not have appropriate support. Using a jock strap can help give extra support and reduce the soreness.
  • Jock itch.” When working out some people sweat a lot, and this can cause a fungal skin infection. There are products (such as creams) that are available over the counter without a prescription that may help.

If the pain does not get better within a few days or if you are having a lot of pain, we recommend contacting your healthcare provider.