I’ve heard that your height is based on genetics. My dad is 5’11, my mom is 5’8, and I’m 5’7. But I know so many kids that are taller than their parents! Is height only about your genes?

Mother, father with son teenager. Happy caucasian family havingThere are formulas that are often used to estimate a young person’s adult height, however the results are not always reliable. In fact the results often vary by 4 inches (either way). The reality is that environmental factors, mostly nutrition, also play a key role in helping an adolescent reach their potential height.

How to calculate your estimated height in inches:

Add your mom and dad’s height in inches or centimeters. Add 5 inches (for guys) or subtract 5 inches (for girls). Then divide by 2.

Example (for guys): 5’11” = 71 inches, and 5’8″ = 68 inches. 71 inches + 68 inches= 139 inches, plus 5 (for guys) = 144, then divide by 2= 72 inches. You will likely be close to 72 inches or 6ft, give or take 4 inches.

If you are calculating using the Metric system:

Add your mom and dad’s height in centimeters. Add 13 centimeters for boys or subtract 13 centimeters for girls. Divide by 2= your estimated height, give or take 10 centimeters.