I really want to be 6 feet tall. Are there any foods I can eat to make myself grow taller?

Handsome young guy enjoying his mealYour height is mostly determined by genetics, meaning that it’s influenced by several genes from both parents. If people on both sides of your family are short, chances are that you’ll be short, too. Although you can’t change your genetics, making sure you get the proper nutrients does factor into reaching your maximum height.

Make sure to eat foods from all of the food groups (grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy proteins, and healthy fats) each day to meet your nutritional needs. Although protein is important for growth, eating lots of extra protein or taking protein and amino acid supplements won’t help increase your height. Stay clear of anabolic steroids because they impact hormones and prevent proper bone growth in young children and teens. In addition to poor nutrition, drugs and alcohol may stunt growth and should be avoided.

Keeping healthy with exercise to maintain a healthy body weight and build muscle can also boost self-confidence no matter what height you are. Develop a positive attitude and build self-esteem by recognizing the qualities that make you unique.