My best friend and I were hanging out drinking. He kissed me and we made out and ended up giving each other oral sex. Does that make me gay? I love girls. I date girls. Although oral sex felt great, it’s not something that turned me on to do again.

Portrait of thinking young man

Thanks for your question. Many teens, young adults, and older adults have questions about their sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is a term that refers to who someone is attracted to sexually and romantically. People can be attracted to people of a different gender, same gender, all genders, or neither. It’s important to know that sexual orientation is biologic and can change over time.

Also some people may identify their sexual orientation one way, and sometimes experience attractions to people that don’t fit that description (for instance, a person might identify as “heterosexual” but feel attracted to someone of the same gender).  People may also have sexual experiences with people that don’t fit into their sexual orientation. Having one or more of these experiences doesn’t necessarily change your sexual orientation.

The bottom line is that only you can identify your sexual orientation.

For more information check out our health guide on sexual orientation.