I am in recovery for a restrictive eating disorder. At treatment a year and a half ago, they made me gain 30 pounds in 2 months. Now I am considered borderline obese based on my BMI. I want to lose weight, but don’t want to trigger myself. Help?

The “BMI” which stands for Body Mass Index is a public health tool that is used to assess population health, but isn’t a great tool for assessing an individual’s health. It’s possible that your current weight is where your body needs to be in order to maintain proper functioning and to support your wellbeing. Seeing your weight or BMI could be triggering given your history and how public health classifications use terminology to classify body size. The most important thing for your health is to focus on positive health behaviors: eating at least three balanced meals throughout the day, getting good sleep, and finding movement that is enjoyable.  Behaviors such as these will help your body settle at a healthy weight and for you, that might be your current weight. It sounds like now would be a good time to have extra support from both a dietitian and a therapist to work as a team to develop a plan that helps you continue with recovery and feel your best.