My parents caught me smoking weed and are really mad. How can I convince them it’s no big deal?

Boy upset, mother in the background.While there are certainly more immediately dangerous things that you could do to make your parents mad like driving drunk or high, your parents have probably heard by now that your brain is still growing and won’t be finished until your mid-20’s. A lot of scientific research now shows that what you do during the teen years can change your brain development, sometimes for life. Research shows that using substances like marijuana or alcohol during the teen years can cause changes in your IQ, your ability to remember and learn things, and even can increase the likelihood that you will develop mental health problems like addiction, depression, and psychosis, especially if you have family members who have had these problems. So, if you were 25 or 28 years old, it may not be a big deal to smoke weed because your brain would be finished growing. If you are younger, it’s probably best to wait. It’s not worth the risk of harming your brain while it’s still developing. On the other hand, if you practice that free throw shot over and over again, or play a musical instrument during your teen years, that will change your brain too, helping you to do those things well for years to come. Now, that would give your parents something to be proud about!