Should I be changing in front of my peers in the locker room? Cause I’m kinda embarrassed when people see me naked.

It may help you to know that many boys feel the same way you do, especially at your age when boys are different in their physical development. Some boys have more mature bodies than others and this can be a source of worry and embarrassment for some boys. Also, some boys are naturally more shy or modest about being seen by others.

Some schools have changing rooms for students in gym class but unfortunately most don’t, so students must change in front of their peers in an open locker room. Here are a few tips that you might find helpful:

  • Try changing in the shower stall or bathroom stall.
  • Wear your gym shorts and T-shirt under loose fitting clothes on gym day.
  • Wear clothes you can change out of easily such as a T- shirt and sweat pants instead of a button-down shirt and tight jeans.
  • Change your shirt first and then your pants or shorts so you are never fully naked.
  • If you are teased, try to ignore the comments- they will usually stop if you don’t respond.

If you have anxiety, certain religious beliefs, a physical disability, or you ever feel unsafe, talk to a trusted adult at school such as a teacher or guidance counselor who may be able to provide a solution. Many teens find changing in a locker room awkward and even stressful at first, but with time it usually gets easier.