I’m 14 and all my friends’ penises have grown, even those 1-2 years younger than me (as teenagers the conversation often drifts there). My testicles haven’t grown yet, and my penis is still skinny. Is there hope or do I need to accept my size? Help.

Thanks for your question. Many people wonder about whether their penis and testicles are growing normally. During puberty those who are sex-assigned at birth males will notice their testicles (or testes) becoming bigger, pubic hair, and penile growth (length and width).

The first sign of puberty is usually testicular growth (i.e. your testicles becoming bigger). While everyone goes through these changes at different ages, most sex-assigned at birth males will notice their testicles becoming bigger by 14 years old.< We recommend you talk to your health care provider about your concerns. They may:

  • Ask you questions about changes related to puberty;
  • Review your growth charts;
  • Review your family history (puberty is affected by genetics);
  • Perform a genital exam to see if there are any pubertal changes of your testicles and penis;
  • Order blood tests to check your hormone levels;
  • Order an X-ray that helps determine where you are in your pubertal development;
  • Refer you to an endocrinologist (hormone specialist).

Here’s a tip on how to bring it up to your health care provider: “I’m not sure I’m going through puberty. Is this normal?”