Whenever I urinate, my penis begins to pain me at the top, and I always feel like urinating every 2 to 3 minutes, whenever I try checking my penis, I see like sperm or discharge on it, please what can I do to stop this?

Thank you for your question! It can be difficult sometimes to ask questions that involve such sensitive areas of your body, but we strongly encourage asking them and seeking out your health care provider (HCP) when such concerns arise.

Painful urination (also known as “dysuria” ) and/or frequent urination (known as “urinary frequency”) are common signs of inflammation or infection of the urethra, which is the small opening where pee comes out of the penis. Discharge from the penis may or may not be present. In guys, it can be difficult to distinguish between a urinary tract infection (UTI) (which is a bacterial infection involving the kidney, ureters, bladder or urethra) and a sexually transmitted infection (STI), so laboratory testing of the urine or discharge is often needed. It’s very important to make an appointment with your HCP as soon as possible so that you can get checked and treated right away. Let your HCP know if: the color of your urine has changed, it hurts when you pee, you have back pain and/or a fever, or if you have ever had unprotected sexual intercourse. If lab testing shows you have either a UTI or STI, there are highly effective treatments available. If your HCP prescribes one or more antibiotics, be sure to finish all of your medicine even if you start to feel better within a couple of days. Be sure to let your provider know if your symptoms are not getting better.