Withdrawal or Pull-Out Method

Young women's version of this guide


Withdrawal (also called “pull out” method is when the male withdraws his penis completely from the woman’s vagina before he ejaculates (releases many sperm all at once).

Withdrawal is a risky method of contraception because it’s not easy to prevent ejaculation in the vagina- it takes a lot of practice and a great deal of self-control. Even if a male can tell when he is about to ejaculate or “cum”, the fluid that is released (from the penis) before ejaculation can contain sperm from a previous ejaculation.

Does the withdrawal method work?

If men use the withdrawal method every time they have vaginal intercourse and do it perfectly every time, it’s possible to be 96% effective in preventing pregnancy. This means that if the partners of 100 women use the withdrawal method all the time and always do it perfectly (which is almost impossible), 4 women will become pregnant in a year.

The problem with the withdrawal method is: perfect use hardly ever happens. So the withdrawal method is really only 78% effective. This means that if the partners of 100  women use the withdrawal method less than perfectly, at least 22 women will become pregnant in a year.

Withdrawal does not protect against sexually transmitted infections.