Quiz: Am I street smart?

street-safety-sqIt's always good to be conscious of safety when out and about. Answer these questions about how to handle situations to test your street smarts!


You are walking down a main street to a new friend's house in a part of town that is unfamiliar to you. You notice that there is a person walking a little ways behind you for a few blocks. What should you do?


You cross the street and the person crosses also, so he/she is still walking behind you. What should you do?


Your parents told you that they want to pick you up at 11:30 pm from a party, but once you get there, you want to stay longer. A guy from your school says that his older brother can pick you both up later. You know that his brother drinks at parties. What do you do?


You are going out for the evening to a party with a group of your friends. What should you do to develop a safety plan before you leave the house?


You are at the mall alone and someone that you don't know sits down next to you. You think that you recognize this person as someone you have seen in every store you have been in all day. The person starts talking to you and telling you about himself. What should you NOT do?

You should NOT: