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Ringworm is a common skin infection that causes an uncomfortable rash. Although the name “ringworm” might make you think that a worm causes it, this isn’t true. Read on to … read more

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Poison Ivy

Do you know what causes poison ivy rash? It’s the sap oil that’s made by the poison ivy plant that’s responsible for irritant reactions, called “urushiol”. It’s the same substance … read more

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Psoriasis is a common skin condition that causes skin cells to grow too quickly and build up, leaving thick, red, silvery, or scaly patches (plaques) on the surface of the … read more

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Our skin comes in contact with many different things such as the weather, clothes, soaps and lotions, and a variety of products. Many of us will have a skin rash … read more

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Cuts and Scrapes

Most cuts and scrapes are small injuries that can be treated at home, but it’s good to know when to get medical care for yourself or someone else. Wound care: … read more

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