I joined the gym 2 months ago to just be active. I thought I would get used to it but I absolutely hate going to the gym. Everyone suggests that I keep going but even thinking about having to go to the gym ruins my day. Is it a bad idea to give up?

Thanks for your question! Two months of trying out the gym seems like a sufficient amount of time to know if you like going or not. If you want to stay active you might want to consider activities that you enjoy such as walking outside, biking, playing a sport or doing something else that you like (instead of going to the gym). If you prefer to be indoors, you can find lots of exercise videos on YouTube. Going to a gym is not for everyone. If you pick another way to be active, it’s not giving up on exercising, it’s simply choosing another (fun) way to be active. When you enjoy a physical activity, you are much more apt to do it on a regular basis which is a great way to stay healthy!