I had sex with my girlfriend and didn’t cum, but she’s late and IDK what to do?

Thanks for your question. This is a common concern, actually. The truth is, even if you didn’t ejaculate, have an orgasm or “cum”, “precum or pre-ejaculate” could have still leaked out of your penis. Pre-ejaculate fluid often contains sperm and it only takes one sperm to reach a woman’s egg to cause pregnancy. If it has been within 5 days (120 hours) or less since you had unprotected intercourse, your girlfriend may be able to take emergency contraception (EC). There are different types of emergency contraception methods, so it’s a good idea to help her get in touch with her medical provider. You should also know that many women don’t have regular menstrual cycles, so she may get her period after all. This is a good time to think about preventing future pregnancies by talking about effective birth control methods with your partner such as: an implant, an IUD or birth control pills. Condoms lower your risk of getting an STI (sexually transmitted infection) and should be used every time you have sex.​​