I was drunk and made the dumb decision to masturbate with hand sanitizer. My skin was very red for a couple of days and today is peeling like crazy. I am embarrassed to tell my parents. What do I do? Do I need medical support?

Thanks for your question. People use and try many different things when masturbating. Your skin is probably irritated from the hand sanitizer. You can try using a moisturizer for sensitive skin or petroleum jelly to help it heal. Also, try to avoid anything that can cause more irritation, such as hot water or masturbating, until it heals.

If this is not helping, you should contact your primary health care provider. Also, if you are having pain, the skin is red, or you are having pus from the skin, then we would recommend you contact your primary health care provider right away. You can either call your health care provider directly or let your parents know you are not feeling well and want to see your health care provider to get checked out.

For more information about masturbation check out our health guide.