Why does the tip of my penis hurt? Is it because I’m young? Help!… I’m too scared to ask my parents.

Thank you for your question! There can be different reasons that cause the tip of your penis to hurt, no matter what your age is. One common cause, for example, is when soap or shampoo comes into contact with the urethra (the hole where pee comes out), which can cause significant irritation and pain, especially if you attempt to masturbate while showering or taking a bath. In general, inflammation of the urethra, called “urethritis”, can happen during or after masturbation or sexual activity, or as the result of an infection. If the soreness doesn’t go away, you should make an appointment with your health care provider. Your provider will likely have you pee into a cup to check your urine for evidence of bacterial infection, and, if you have been sexually active, test your urine for possible sexually transmitted infection. It’s important to see your health care provider before your symptoms get worse. Only then can your provider decide what treatment is best for you. In almost all situations, early treatment can cure the problem and resolve your symptoms.