I have some concerns about my penis, including trouble retracting my foreskin. Will this affect my sexual life?

Man covering his crotchMy penis is veiny and 4.5 inches. I’m uncircumcised. I have trouble retracting my foreskin but I can easily masturbate and ejaculate. Will I be able to have a good sexual life with my penis?

Feeling good about yourself (including the way your penis looks) is part of having a healthy sexual life. If you’re thinking a lot about your penis, remember that all bodies come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors; this is what makes you unique.

Every guy’s penis works the same way regarless of whether or not he’s circumcised. As far as having sexual intercourse, being uncircumcised won’t make a difference. Keep in mind though, that you should never force the retraction of the foreskin. Once you’ve entered puberty you should retract it as far as it will comfortably go each time you bathe in order to clean underneath it.