I am now in recovery for anorexia nervosa, but before that, I developed lanugo. Once I have recovered from anorexia, will the lanugo disappear?

First off, congratulations on your recovery journey, it’s not easy. You should be proud of all that you have accomplished thus far. You are well on your way to a healthier you! Unfortunately, lanugo can be a frustrating side effect of anorexia nervosa. Lanugo are fine, tiny, hairs that are most commonly seen in premature or newborn babies, and fall out several weeks after birth. In most cases, lanugo never returns, except when someone is malnourished, such as for those with eating disorders. Teens with anorexia often lack important nutrients that help keep the body insulated and warm, so as a response lanugo develops to act as a protective layer. As the body receives more and more nutrients the hairs begin to fall out because the skin and body no longer need the added protection. Moral of the story, continue working towards recovery and the hairs should begin to disappear!