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I am very depressed due to multiple issues (death, love…) I was very social and happy but now I don’t want to eat, bathe, play video games…nothing! I come home and sit in my dark room and sleep. The more I want to change the more I can’t change. Why?

Thanks for your question. It sounds like you are experiencing symptoms of depression often referred to as anhedonia, which may be related to grief. Anhedonia is common amongst those processing … read more

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Why am I angry all the time?

Thanks for your question. People feel angry for many different reasons. Some people feel angry because they were insulted, others may feel angry when they are stressed. Also some young … read more

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I’ve been having depression and anxiety problems for 3 years. It got worse when my oldest brother died two years ago. I’ve met with a psychologist because of the my bad behavior at home, but I was never open to talking because I felt like I couldn’t trust my therapist. My parents are going through hard times and I feel like I treat them as though I was the head of the household instead of them. I’m honestly tired of feeling like this and I want to change. What would you recommend?

First of all, we would like to say that we are sorry to hear of your brother’s passing. A death in the family can cause many problems (within the family) … read more

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Hi. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) a few months ago, and have been on medicine for about two weeks (Fluoxetine). I noticed along with a lot of other side effects that I have been feeling more manic. I have always had bipolar symptoms, but stronger depression, but for some reason doctors don’t notice it. Should I mention it? I don’t want to switch to another medicine and get fat again. I am so confused…

This sounds like a troubling time for you. I am not sure if your medication was prescribed by your primary care provider or a psychiatrist.  Manic symptoms is one of the … read more

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