I cannot retract my foreskin very far (a cm maybe) and when I do it squishes the head of my penis. Should I be worried and what treatment should I look for (I would prefer not to go to a doctor).

Circumcised males should be able to retract or pull back their foreskin easily so they can clean their penis (always remember to rinse any soap from your penis before pulling the foreskin over it).  Sometimes swelling of the tissue from irritation and/or infection can cause the area around the foreskin to become tight which is also uncomfortable. However, you should never force the foreskin back as this may cause tiny tears in the skin. It is best to contact your health care provider and get checked as there is treatment available such as topical steroid creams that can help reduce the swelling and prevent a condition called “phimosis”. Phimosis occurs when the foreskin is so tight that it can’t be pulled back at all. Erections can be painful and if left untreated, it can cause permanent damage.​