I’m 14 and I am uncircumcised. I’m having trouble pulling my foreskin down, and recently the top of my foreskin has become red and sore. I researched and it said to clean the white smegma but I can’t clean it because i can’t retract my foreskin… help!

Thanks for your question. You are right, it is important for males who are not circumcised to be able to pull back their foreskin. Sometimes you can get smegma, which is essentially white debris, under your foreskin that can be cleaned with lukewarm water. Sometimes males can get a yeast infection under their foreskin. Both can cause some irritation to your penis, meaning it can be red and painful. To be sure, we recommend you contact your health care provider. They can also prescribe a cream that you can apply to your foreskin to help it retract, or pull back. To help prevent this in the future it’s important to gently retract your foreskin every time you shower and clean with lukewarm water.